Botanizing in Patagonia

Date: 7:30pm-9:30pm, Jun 13, 2018

Barbara Cooper and Bella SeidenIMG_0639.jpeg

We are amateur gardeners who have been gardening together in Toronto for more than 20 years. From our broad interest in gardening, we have developed a particular interest in seeing plants in their natural habitat. The first big trip we planned was in 2012 when we travelled to South Africa to see plants in their Spring. In 2014, after hearing friends describe their experience botanizing in South America, we decided to travel to Patagonia. We had great resources in the books of Hilary Little and Martin Sheader, describing the Patagonian flora and where to find plants, which became available just as we were beginning the planning process. We chose to go alone, renting a car and engaging guides where we thought it would enhance our experience. We were there for a total of four weeks most of which were spent in Argentina. Our talk will present highlights of the time we spent botanizing there.
Since then we have travelled in Wyoming and Colorado, Lesotho and Chile. Currently we are the program chairs for the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society, and are planning more adventures.