Claire Cockcroft: Parnassos and The Peloponnese: Spring Wildflowers of Southern Greece

Date: 7:30pm, Sep 11, 2013


A computer programmer by trade, Claire has been gardening since she was a small child. In 1987, she moved to Washington State, a great contrast to the semi-desert of Southern California where she grew up. Her first house in Washington was sited in the cool, dense shade of second-growth firs and cedars so she concentrated on primulas, woodlanders, and Himalayan plants. Since moving to Bellevue, she has added sun-lovers to her list. She grows primulas, meconopsis, lilies, peonies, cardiocrinums, trilliums and other woodlanders, and hardy orchids, but will try almost anything that she can grow from seed. Since 2001, she has traveled to several countries to see plants in their native habitat, photographing and learning how they might be grown.P1060809.jpg


At first glance, the dry-looking hillsides of Greece resemble those of Southern California, with little hint of the treasures they hold.  A spring trip to the Peloponnese offers a smorgasbord of orchids, bulbs, and rare endemics.  Add ancient ruins as a backdrop and you have a delightful and memorable experience.