Ron Long: Plants of the high Andes and other stories from Argentina and Chile

Date: 7:30pm-9:30pm, Oct 10, 2018

Argentina and Chile have a recorded history extending back five hundred years. Almost from the beginning plants have been brought into cultivation from this area. The massive Andes Mountains have created a spectacular landscape as well as a unique natural history. Plants, birds and animals have evolved here that occur nowhere else on earth. In one hour we can only scratch the surface of this fascinating region but we are confident that you will find the stories of nature, revolution, tragedy, and volcanoes to be new and interesting.

Ron Long worked as a photographer at SFU for thirty-six years. Half of that time was spent in the Biosciences Department and Ron retains a deep interest in biology and nature. Since retiring in 2004 Ron has traveled extensively to out of the way destinations around the world and when at home he enjoys giving talks about his travels that are extensively illustrated with his amazing photographs.