Ron Long: The Flora of Five Deserts

Date: 7:30pm-9:30pm, Jan 8, 2020

The Richtersvelt, Namaqualand, The Knersvlecte, Nieuwoudtville and The Cederburg are strung in a north to south line along the west coast of South Africa.  Each is distinct from the others with its own geography/geology and its own flora. There is overlap in the plants but the differences far outweigh the similarities and they add up to tens of thousands of flowering species. Some are familiar to growers but the majority have never made it into horticulture.  In the talk we will sample the flora of all five deserts and discuss the conditions that make each one unique.

Ron Long worked as a photographer at SFU for thirty-six years. Half of that time was spent in the Biosciences Department and Ron retains a deep interest in biology and nature. Since retiring in 2004 Ron has traveled extensively to out of the way destinations around the world and when at home he enjoys giving talks about his travels that are extensively illustrated with his amazing photographs.