Alpine Garden Club Display at Dartshill Garden

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The Alpine Garden Club of BC were invited to have a display at the Darts Hill Garden Open House on October 18.  The display generated a great deal of interest particularly the alpines in pots.  The photo shows Paul Krystof manning the table.



Donations for the seed exchange

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Lewisia_rediviva_seed.jpgIt is that time of year again that our thoughts should turn to seeds.  The Seed Exchange is a major activity for the Club, and it depends completely on people sending in seeds.  Therefore seed donors get special treatment when it comes to ordering seed from the seed exchange:  they get the first chance at seeds that are in short supply, and they can order more packets than non-donors.  So why not give it a try this year, if you are not already a donor?  We all grow interesting plants, and it is actually quite fun to hunt for seeds – in your own garden or in the wild.  Please ensure that the seed is as free as possible from chaff and that kind of contaminants.  Also please make sure the seed is dry, and especially if you send it in a plastic baggy.  We don’t recommend this as we end up throwing away seed every year because it arrives moldy (sometimes to the extent that it is hard to recognize any seed). 

You need 5 different kinds of seeds to qualify as a donor, and for people in North America, these need to be natives of North or South America.  Overseas members get donor credit for seed from any country.   That said, we like seed from anywhere, and we do take into account how many kinds of seeds you send, so we certainly hope you’ll go beyond the minimum!

Please send the seed to:

Linda Verbeek,
5170 Sperling Ave
Burnaby BC, V5E 2T4, Canada.


It is a great help to us if you can include with the seed an alphabetical list of what you are sending.  Also, if you have wild collected seed, please include the location where you collected it, and if you are not sure of the species, some details of height, flower colour (if you know it), possibly growing conditions, etc.  Seed is much more likely to be interesting if it is described as:

Penstemon sp., 20 cm, compact, small leaves, flowers pink, growing at 8000ft, than if it is described as:

Penstemon sp., and no more.

The seed should be mailed in a package labeled: flower seeds of no commercial value, and mailed to arrive before 26 October 2014.  This gives us barely enough time to complete the seedlist by the time the fall bulletin is due.  If this is impossible, please make sure I do at least get a list by that date of what you are plannining to send.  This can be e-mailed to: beekbos@shaw.ca    And please make sure that you will actually send what you are saying you are sending. 

Finally, to end as I started, the donors are the pillars of our exchange – without you there wouldn’t be one – so I’d like to thank everyone who’ll be sending seeds this year in advance.  Linda Verbeek.