New Book on Tian Shan and its Flowers

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The Tian Shan and its Flowers, a new book by VojtÄ›ch Holubec and David Horák

To be published in late 2017

Vojtech Holubec, the principal author of “The Tian Shan and its Flowers”, is a research scientist with the Gene bank of the Crop Research Institute in Prague. But more importantly, from our perspective, he is one of a small team of Czech collectors/suppliers of alpine plant seeds. Vojtech has traveled to photograph plants and to collects seeds in many montane locations around the world; in Argentina and in the mountains between Spain, through Turkey and China all the way to Kamchatka. He shared his love and knowledge of the Caucasus mountains in “The Caucasus and its Flowers“ (2006).  This year he will self-publish “The Tian Shan and its Flowers“. The book will be just as beautiful and impressive as the first one, perhaps even more so. It will describe Tian Shan (The Heavenly Mountain) geology and climate, orography, vegetation and will focus on the description of some 500 species. The environment where plants grow in Tian Shan ranges from steppe and semi-desert to alpine between glaciers and treeline subalpine. Many plants from such terrains are candidates for rock gardens in Calgary.  The 400 pages book is richly illustrated with 1000 colour photographs. For each plant there is the usual diagnostic description as well as a description the habitat, distribution and even cultivation notes. 

For information on ordering this book through a bulk order click here: Holubec_book.pdf

Visit http://www.holubec.wbs.cz/.


On-line Seed exchange is now CLOSED

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The on-line seed exchange is now Closed