Liz Knowles: Echoes of Wild Places

Date: 7:30pm-9:30pm, Apr 13, 2022

thumbnail_Screen_Shot_2021-11-28_at_12.46.37_PM.pngLiz will be sharing some of the plants that she has seen during travels to the mountains over 25 years, that she has subsequently been able to grow in the garden. This will include the spring ephemerals found in her local woods as well as European, Central Asian, Himalayan and Japanese alpines and a smattering of plants from the southern hemisphere.
Liz has been gardening in the Hockley Valley in southern Ontario for 45 years. She and George started by developing several extensive perennial beds and over the years have added woodland and grass gardens, two ornamental pools, an extensive rock garden, raised troughs, tufa and crevice gardens.