Mark Akimoff: Alpines and Rock Garden Plants

Date: 7pm-9pm, Feb 14, 2024

Join us on Zoom for a presentation from Mark Akimoff on Alpines and Rock Garden Plants: growing alpines and rock garden plants, featuring many different species and tips and tricks for successful cultivation.


Mark Akimoff is the owner of Illahe Rare Plants, a specialty nursery grower of flower bulbs, geophytes, alpines and rock garden plants from around the world. Over his 25-year career as a professional horticulturist, Mark has worked in many sectors of the industry, from plant propagation to Historical Garden management, large scale wetlands, riparian and environmental restoration projects for government, to teaching Horticulture at the Community College level. He holds a bachelor's degree in Horticultural science from Oregon State University and studied biotechnology at Montana State University. While his personal interest in plants runs wide, a particular fondness for rock gardens and alpine plants often has him exploring the high country for wildflowers. At the nursery in Salem, Oregon Mark trials many different dryland and xeric plants to better help gardeners adapt gardens to changing climate conditions we are seeing especially in the drought stricken Western North America. With a passion for true alpine plants and a specialization in propagation, Mark is happy to share some tips and tricks for growing and cultivating plants for rock gardens especially those often difficult ones from high alpine environments, including discussions on fertility, root development promotion, soil mixes, seed, vegetative propagation as well as pest and disease management.  Check out the website to see the amazing array of plants that he grows at Illahe Rare Plants.