Martin Sheader: Cushion Plants of the Andes

Date: 7:00pm-9:30pm, Feb 8, 2023

The cushion growth form is usually associated with rapidly-draining soils in exposed and windy nutrient-poor habitats, and plant species with this growth form are particularly common in the Southern Andes.  In this presentation I illustrate cushions from a wide range of plant families and in a range of habitats from dry sandy steppe  to exposed mountain summits.
Martin Sheader is a retired marine biologist (University of Southampton). He has had an interest in photographing, growing and showing alpine plants for decades with a special interest in South American alpines. He is an active member of the Alpine Garden Society (UK) and a member of the Royal Horticultural Society's Joint Rock Plant Committee. He has visited South America 15 times, mainly Patagonia, but also Peru and Ecuador. In 2013, Martin published a well-received field guide to the area "Flowers of the Patagonian Mountains".