The Rosulate Viola tour

 AGCBC member Ger van den Beuken is organizing a tour to Agentina in 2014.  Here is his descriotion of the  tour:Viola_coronifera.jpg

Every lover of alpines will agree that Rosulate Violas from S. America are the most beautiful alpines we know. In 2010 I organized a botanical tour to Central Patagonia in the province Neuquen led by Marcela Ferreyra and me. After that trip we were corresponding with John and Anita Watson and they told me that concerning Viola species this was the most successful tour ever made. Twelve different species we found on our way travelling from north to south. That's why I decided to repeat this botanical highlight in January 2014.

For this trip led by Marcela Ferreyra nad myself there are 14 places available.

The trip starts in the region of Bariloche where we will see for example the magnificent Ranunculus semiverticillatus and Oxalis erythrorhyza growing at 2400m. in the screes of the Cerro Cathedral. Further North we will explore the Cerro Chapelco and again further to the North we will climb the Cerro Colohuincul and will see the very famous and beautiful Viola coronifera. On our way to the North we will finish our tour in Chos Malal and will explore for instance the screes of the Volcan Batea Mahuida and the Volcan Copahue. During this 3 weeks tour we will see a huge variety of plants. This is just a very brief itinerary. I will attach an account of the trip made in 2010. Of course there are questions. Those people with interest can send me a personal email: