Saxifrage on-line ordering second round

There are two groups of plants; one set originating from the Saxifrages at Darts Hill and the other group from two AGCBC members. All proceeds from sales will go to the Darts Hill Conservancy Trust Society or the Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia.

Ordering is by ID # either A Series (AGCBC) or D Series (Darts Hill).  All A Series orders should be directed to  All D series orders should be directed to  Do not mix the orders between Series.

In the second round choose any number of plants. Use the ID# to order. See the attached for plants remaining. Ordering closes 10:00 am Sunday March 22.

You will receive a confirming email with a list of the ID #s of the plants you will get plus the total cost.

We prefer that you pay by PayPal directly to  Alternatively you can pay by cheque when you pick up the plants.
We cannot provide shipping. Pick-up will be at locations in South Surrey scheduled by arrangement for each order.